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Here's the FULL LENGTH MOVIE to Steve Wang's GUYVER: DARK HERO. Also known as THE GUYVER 2. Starring David Hayter, the voice of Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series. As many of you already know, the first Guyver film adaption wasn't too successful with fans and non-fans alike. Mainly because of the direction the producers chose to take the film into. Due to the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the year before, producer Brian Yuzna & co-director Screaming Mad George thought they would the film would gain success if they tried to sell it to TMNT fans with a cheesy campy tone. Unfortunately for them, that didn't play out too well and the film received mainly negative reviews and reception from critics and fans. A few years later however, Steve Wang who co-directed the first film, was given complete control to direct a sequel and thus made Guyver Dark Hero! A much more faithful and mature incarnation of The Guyver manga than it's predecessor. However, Guyver 2 didn't receive the theatrical release the first got. It was released straight to video in 1994 but since then has gained a cult status amongst fans, marking Guyver: Dark Hero a cult classic from the 90's. According to David Hayter, he submitted an outline for Guyver 3 to Steve Wang after the conclusion of Guyver 2. But the rights to The Guyver reverted back to its rightful owners and Guyver 3 and the outline never saw the light of day.

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